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Also known as Dorky couple and Useless Lesbians

A pair of dumb idiots. Not to be used on dramatic works like Citrus.

It's a dating NakaYoshikawa manga by cetacea kw Hibike! Euphonium Doujin released May 29 '21 Comedy Drunk Idiot couple Natsuki x Yuuko Yuri
A Senpai Who Can’t Stand Manga Where the Girl Is Considered More Attractive After Changing Her Appearance by Ayano Ayano released Feb 22 '21 Comedy Glasses Idiot couple Wholesome Yuri
A Fuss at the Alumni Party by Gotou Yuuki released Feb 5 '21 Adult life Comedy Drunk Idiot couple Wholesome Yuri
A Drug That Switches Thoughts and Words by Kawauchi released Dec 11 '20 College Comedy Drugs Idiot couple Wholesome Yuri
Ex Girlfriend Right Ahead by Harukawa Haru released Aug 23 '20 Adult life Idiot couple Office lady Romance Yuri
Congratulations! Harasho Idiot Couple!! by Kanbayashi Makoto Love Live! Doujin released Oct 26 '14 Comedy Eli x Nozomi Idiot couple Yuri
Bound and Open by Izumi Yuu released Oct 24 '08 Comedy Idiot couple School life Tsundere Yuri